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My Impactful book

The New York Times bestselling book that empowers you to ask the big questions that help you move from scarcity into abundance.

Shift Your Perspective. Shift Your Thoughts and Words. Shift your Actions.

Create and live out your best, thriving life.

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About Nadine Palacio

Lifestyle Coach. Nurse. Speaker.

Nadine Palacio, BSN, RN, CPAN, is trained as a registered nurse, however, she identifies most as being an instrument of Faith. Multifaceted, she strives to create positive change in the places she claims space in by serving as a catalyst. For over half of her life, she has been applying emotional intelligence and transformational leadership to her life to create the freedom, flexibility, and lifestyle she’s desired. As the founder of the Thriving Twentysomethings, she specializes in helping change agents of color working in healthcare dream big(ger) and live in abundance by coaching them on how to get their shift together and live a thriving life they LOVE!

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