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Pulling the Curtain Back to Say Hello!

Photo courtesy of Praise Santos

Hi, I’m Nadine Palacio

I am ​a 2nd generation Filipino-American twentysomething and I am the sum of my experiences.

My journey began when I was born in a rural town in North Carolina and was raised as the eldest of three daughters by my immigrant parents. At a young age, I discovered my gift in helping others in their healing in their most vulnerable moments and pursued the path of nursing.

Avid lover of food, adventure, and challenging status quos

​I believe in creating a life that you love and that balances and prioritizes not just your well-being, but also your experiences, and celebrates all aspects of your highest self. I believe each person has something special to bring onto this world, helping make this world we currently live in a better place for generations to come.

Also, the OG behind the scenes of the Thriving Twentysomethings

Veering off the traditional path, I leaned onto Faith and founded the Thriving Twentysomethings. Valuing authenticity, empathy, and creativity – I hold space and empower agents of change working in healthcare to live a life they LOVE on their own terms, authentically and unapologetically.

Here at the Thriving Twentysomethings, we offer coaching services, community support, and provide tools and resources for healthcare workers like you to support you in getting your shift together to create and live out your dream life!

We are so happy you found us and are happy you’re here! (:


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